The Google Book Search Lawsuit: The digital future of books is being hammered out in boardsrooms and courtrooms. The proposed settlement in the Google Book Search lawsuit, which would restructure the publishing industry and reshape copyright law, was negotiated by a few lawyers and will be ruled on by a single judge. The public deserves and needs a seat at this table.

The Public Index: Launched in May 2009, the Public Index harnesses the same digital media that are transforming publishing to bring the public into the conversation about publishing’s future. It provides a single convenient forum to learn about and to discuss the proposed settlement in the Google Book Search lawsuit. Members of the public can inform themselves, share their perspectives, connect with each other, and make their voices heard. Key features of the Public Index include comprehensive document repository of legal documents from the lawsuit and an extensive collection of commentaries from around the world.

IILP Faculty: James Grimmelmann