The Institute for Information Law and Policy will offer a “Certificate of Mastery in Law Practice Technology,” to be awarded as an honor upon graduation to students who have satisfied various requirements.

Each student seeking an award indicating mastery of a particular subject will submit a proposed plan to demonstrate such mastery to an IILP faculty member as early in his or her law school career as practicable, preferably at the beginning of the second year. Any IILP faculty member may approve such a plan and, having done so, must be available to determine whether it has been executed in a satisfactory fashion. Once the faculty member accepts the plan, the student will pursue the proposed plan and then report back to demonstrate its completion – at which point the faculty member will make the award. The IILP will provide some suggested plans and individual guidance to students who want to achieve mastery in particular areas. We anticipate that completion of the plan will take 2 years though, with diligence, the work can be completed over 1 year. The plan can be revised over the course of the student’s law school career to adapt to changing technologies or circumstances.

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IILP Faculty : Professors Johnson, Mills, Noveck, Peritz, Sherwin, Stracher

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