What State of Play Academy is:

The State of Play Academy is the first law and technology academy built in a virtual world. Its purpose is to challenge the traditional means of imparting a legal education—in time, place and manner– by experimenting with opportunities offered by the virtual space. It is funded by a grant awarded to New York Law School by

What you need:

You will need to download the software onto your computer before the class.

You will also need an avatar. Avatars are free but you need to upgrade ($10) for voice so you can hear our instructors talk and you need a headphone to participate in class using voice. Without paying $10 you can neither hear or speak but you can communicate by typing. Without a head phone you can listen and communicate by typing but not speak.


If you prefer we can arrange for you to use one of our preconfigured avatars that is already upgraded. However it will be called something like “studentone” and you will not be able to change the name. This is a good option if you are trying out There for the first time or only plan to use There for SOPA classes.

When you get inworld, you need to find the University of There. You can do this by searching for it. The State of Play Academy is located on the UOT campus.

We look forward to seeing you in SOPA!

IILP Faculty : Professors Beth Noveck, David Johnson, and James Grimmelmann.

For More Information: email:; (212) 431-2368