The inaugural Amateur Hour conference took place this past November at New York Law School. The event focused on the how existing media businesses are making changes to their business models in the age of the amateur and what are the new and challenging business legal and management issues which media and entertainment business companies now face. The AmHr conference brought emergent players in the new media environment together with respresentatives from the legal field and established media companies to discuss the present and future of user generated content and existing media businesses. The important questions which were discussed included:

  • What are the innovative legal arrangements that can be deployed to channel amateur production and distribution for success and profit?
  • What are the legal risks in giving your output to people who are not under your control?
  • What new business models enable traditional businesses and amateur contributors to collaborate?
  • How can new markets for participatory media be created and capitalized upon?
  • What are the latest tools, technologies and online platforms to enable user-generated creativity and successful business?
  • What will the future of media look like, now that certain types of content are dominated by amateurs?

Amateur Hour Website:

IILP Faculty: Professors Dan Hunter and Beth Noveck

IILP Research Fellows: Elizabeth Reilly and Brian Pyne

Amateur Content Project

The Amateur Content Project involved several students researching intellectual property and amateur created content and then producing a video on the subject.

Download Presentation : (WMV Format), May 15, 2007 (right click + use “Save Link As”)

IILP Faculty : Professors Dan Hunter and David Johnson

For More Information: email:; (212) 431-2368

The Amateur Content Team: Violetta Averbakh, Matthew R. Cuttler, Lucia I. Freda, Shana Fried, Todd D. Marcus